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26 ott 2020
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Non riesco ad ottenere un deposito per l'affitto

Hello, I am a foreign student. I live in Florence. I want to find out, I rented a house with a local agency. I check out on time in August. The landlord and the intermediary agency have been delayed for 3 months and have not received the deposit yet. Today I asked the landlord and he said that the cost of cleaning the toilet and the house is as high as 600 Euros. My deposit of 700 euros is fully deducted. But the agent told me that after deducting the maintenance and cleaning, there are additional water and electricity costs, and refunded the deposit of 390 euros. I asked the landlord to get a bill, but he couldn't provide it. Is this a fraud? Can I get help?

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26 ott 2020

to understand better we need to check the papers and the messages that you have.
You can find my contact details on my profile.
Best regards
Avv. Giorgio Rocca

antonio d`aronzo
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26 ott 2020

Dear Sir,
Would you please to send me more details about your problem?
This is my email: avv.daronzoantonio()gmail.com
Best regards.